Commercial, Residential & Industrial Bed Bug Treatment

Nobody wants bedbugs. That’s a fact. Another fact is that we routinely get people back to their regular lives eliminating their bedbug problem once and for all.

Not only do we rid you of your bedbug problem, we do it using very safe and effective methods without any chemicals or harmful products. Our heat method is 100% safe for you, your children, your pets and won’t damage your home or belongings whatsoever. Best of all, it kills all bedbugs, The adults, larvae, pupae and eggs.

In addition to being extremely safe and chemical free, the heat method we use has proven to be a very permanent solution. Pesticide treatments are often known to require two, three or even four repeat treatments. The heat method, gives them nowhere to flee to meeting its a one-shot deal to get back to your real-life.

Treatments typically take between four and six hours with very little inconvenience or disruption to your household.

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Wondering about the process?

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Wondering about the process?

Our Technicians hold Alberta Structural Pesticide Applicator Certificates, so here at Calgary Pest Control we use the Integrated Pest Management System. First we conduct a detailed inspection to be sure what pest is to be controlled or eliminated. Then we discuss with you all possible options before treatment. We don’t keep our process a secret as it’s something only professionals truly committed to pest control have. We’re proud to be one of them.

Our Guarantee

Not just a house, your home.

We guarantee that our heat treatment doesn’t use any harsh pesticides in your home or around your children/pets – making it 100% safe for your family and home with limited preparation needed before treatment. Upon termination of your entire home or building, we guarantee one treatment will totally eliminate your bedbug infestation. Our system also exterminates your clothes and kills mold!

We Kill Many Pests, Not Just Bed Bugs

We use heat treatment to kill; Ants, Bedbugs, Cluster flies, Cockroaches, House Flies, Pantry pests, Small flies, Spiders inside your home.

We service:

  • Airdrie

  • Banff

  • Bow Island

  • Bragg Creek

  • Brooks

  • Calgary

  • Canmore

  • Cardston

  • Chestermere

  • Coaldale

  • Crowsnest Pass

  • De Winton

  • Didsbury

  • Drumheller

  • High River

  • Innisfail

  • Lethbridge

  • Magrath

  • Medicine Hat

  • Okotoks

  • Olds

  • Oyen

  • Pincher Creek

  • Red Deer

  • Rocky Mountain House

  • Stettler

  • Strathmore

  • Sundre

  • Sylvan Lake

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At calgary pest control we truly look at being an exterminator exceedingly gravely. All of us realize that undeniably any time individuals are shopping for an impressive bed bug exterminator in Calgary people require the best. Certainly we endeavour to stay the finest exterminator we could possibly be in Alberta. It is our devotion to absolutely staying the greatest that has garnered us all very good respect here with our valued clients.

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There are truly not numerous exterminator which possess the particular expertise combined with track record to brand their service as being front runner for their business. Blend that with our high amount of customer support and we really feel we're the greatest impressive bed bug exterminator in Calgary within Alberta.

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Dedication to Great Quality - An Impressive Bed Bug Exterminator In Calgary and An Impressive Bed Bug Exterminator In Calgary

Our devotion to top quality is amazingly high. For anyone endeavoring to become an impressive bed bug exterminator in Calgary or an impressive bed bug exterminator in Calgary, there is in fact not one other path but to give it your best possible in order to stand out. If any specified customer demands more effort, all of us afford that valued consumer additional work. Whatever is necessary to be able to make sure they will be completely happy with us all as an exterminator. Realize, we do support almost all of Alberta, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

Dedication - An Impressive Bed Bug Exterminator In Calgary and An Impressive Bed Bug Exterminator In Calgary

Our clients have often described us as an impressive bed bug exterminator in Calgary, an impressive bed bug exterminator in Calgary, an impressive bed bug exterminator in Calgary combined with the ideal Alberta situated exterminator you'll find! Really that will not take place unless there's incredibly diligent work as well as dedication to the consumers together with the high quality of your finished product. When you will be shopping around to get an impressive bed bug exterminator in Calgary, all of us certainly feel we really are the best pick. Call calgary pest control to explore your requirements today! 403 966 4074.

Skill - An Impressive Bed Bug Exterminator In Calgary and An Impressive Bed Bug Exterminator In Calgary

With any business, knowledge is often a huge ingredient affecting final results. If you are searching for an impressive bed bug exterminator in Calgary, well this point is usually still more legitimate. With being an exterminator, we will show anyone in person that the ultimate quality is undeniably determined from the practical knowledge of the business that you have been contracting. The excessively substantial volume of practical knowledge that calgary pest control has in being an impressive bed bug exterminator in Calgary, is the reason anyone have to rely on us with your valued critical needs. When you happen to be searching to get an impressive bed bug exterminator in Calgary, look into calgary pest control. Certainly talk to all of us ASAP.

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