Why Should Heat Be Used?

With even a little bit of research, it quickly becomes clear just how many different methods exist for removing household pests. There are chemical pesticides which poison bed bugs, physical isolation methods which attempt to remove humans from the area until the bed bugs die off, diatomaceous earth which dehydrates the pests, and bean leaves which spear the bugs so they can later be removed and destroyed.

Some people have even tried just throwing everything they own out and starting new. So in the face of all of these options, why do we choose heat? Well to be clear, there are several ways to use heat to treat for pests as well. Some pest removers use steam – though we find that can cause problems with humidity and lead to mould. Regular, everyday people often try to eradicate the problem themselves using their clothing drier! However, while the drier does reach appropriate levels of heat, it’s rather difficult to stuff a mattress, box spring, or wall-to-wall carpeting into a drier.

Here at Calgary Pest Control, we use a method known as building heat treatment. Building heat treatment works by rapidly increasing the temperature of each room to between 49-60C (120-140F). Bed bugs – and virtually all other insect pests as well – cannot stand these high temperatures.

The adults, larvae, pupae and eggs are all killed in one session with absolutely no chemicals. We stand behind this form of pest removal treatment because we honestly believe it is the best option for bed bug removal in Calgary. Our clients have very little preparation to do before we arrive and, once they return, they don’t have to worry about lingering pesticides or moisture causing problems for their children or pets.

You won’t have to wipe toxic chemical residue from your walls and surfaces, it’s as simple as vacuuming up the dead bugs. Our method is safe, effective, and environmentally friendly. Are you an Albertan searching for an answer to their pest problems? If you want all of the nippy, creepy-crawlers gone in a single six hour session with absolutely no threat of toxins being left behind, Calgary Pest Control is that answer.

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Treatment Time & Convenience

Treatment time for typical space is roughly 4-6 hours, but varies dependant on the size of space requiring treatment. The benefit of heat treatment is that there are minimal disturbances to your household. With chemical treatment you must prepare your house beforehand, ensuring that furniture is moved or disposed of afterwards. Preparation for heating is very simple. When we kill bed bugs for you… you only have to protect items sensitive to heat.

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Treatment is 100% safe for not only your home, but for your belongings, children and pets. The heat kills all bedbugs without any harsh chemicals or toxins added.

Safety is our number one concern, and thats why we want your home to be free of bed bugs, but also free of toxic chemicals, allowing you to return to life feeling relieved.

Heat and Chemical Combination

6-14-2016 4-28-09 PMYou may be wondering what exactly the differences between having a Calgary pest removal team that uses heat and one that uses pesticides. We’re not going to lie to you; we’re a little bit bias on the subject. However, we’ve also taken a lot of time to think about which services we wanted to provide to Calgarians, and we feel our reasons for choosing building heat treatment speak for themselves. We’re using this blog to help outline how pesticide treatments differ from heat treatments.

Size of Area treated greatly differs between chemical pest removal and building heating. When a company comes into your home using pesticides, they only do one localized area at a time. This means that many of the bugs can flee from the contaminated rooms into other rooms that aren’t treated. Building heat treatment on the other hand will destroy all bugs, pupae, larvae, and eggs in the entire residence.

Number of Treatments is another big difference. Since bed bugs and other pests have the ability to flee to untreated areas, we often find that homeowners will have to retreat their homes 2, 3, or even 4 times using pesticides. Our heat treatment on the other hand kills all of the pests, at all stages of life, the first time.

Effectiveness of Treatments as you can see from the above points clearly differs. While both systems will have you free of bed bugs eventually, only heat guarantees to do so with a single treatment.

Expense of treatments. Finally a point to pesticides – kind of. While it is true that one pesticide treatment is cheaper than hiring us for one session, we’ve already been over how it’s pretty rare that you’ll only need one chemical treatment. By the time you’ve hit that third or fourth phone call to your Calgary pest control company, you’ve probably spent more on the pesticide option than you would have if you’d just called us first.

Length of time to treat. You may be wondering why there’s a discretion in cost at all. Well it has to do with how much labour and time is required. A chemical treatment usually only takes an hour or so to finish their small localized area. The heat treatment isn’t doing just a small localized area though, it’s doing your entire building and will take 4-6 hours. That’s a lot more time and a lot more work for us.

Length of time outside home. It may seem counterintuitive after reading how much longer it takes a heat treatment to be completed, but you’ll actually be home faster when you go our environmentally friendly route. Without lingering toxic pesticides to be worried about, you can be home within two hours of us finishing up. If you opt for the chemical choice, you’ll probably have to camp out for the night.

Any chemicals left after treatment? This would be the answer to why you have to wait so long after treating with pesticides. If you choose to use pesticides to control your bug infestation, there will be chemical traces left over. However, if you use heat treatment, we guarantee that we use absolutely no chemicals. There will be no toxic traces or fumes when you work with us.

Any health concerns after treatment? Here is reason number two for the long wait after a pesticide treatment. The chemicals they are using aren’t just toxic to insects. With an unreputable pest control company, you may just find your kids or pets getting ill as well. Since we don’t use chemicals, there is no risk of your kids or pets getting sick from our treatment.

Any chores or work to be completed after treatment? With either system, there is going to be a lot of vacuuming to do. All the dead bugs are going to have to get sucked up or swept away somehow. However, when you use Calgary Pest Control, vacuuming is the only chore once you get home. With the pesticide option, you’re going to want to wipe everything down to get rid of the chemicals that are left behind and could cause health concerns to your family.

We hope this outline helps you make an informed decision between your pest removal options. If you have any more questions or would like to be rid of the pests in your house.

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