German Shepherd Life Span

The German Shepherd is a favorite dog breed for working with police, guiding the blind and even as a family pet that is protective and intelligent. Any family who is planning to bring a German Shepherd home will need to know the average life expectancy and ways that can decrease and increase life span.

Life span is the time period that the dog is expected to live. The average life span for a German Shepherd is usually around 11 to 13 years old, though some dogs have been known to live up to 15 or 16 years with the proper care.

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Factors that increase the dogs life span include nutrition, exercise, weight and bloodlines. A good bloodline is a key to having a long-lived pet, but it is not always within personal control. The most important factors include healthy nutrition, consistent exercise and maintaining a healthy weight for the breed.

A poor diet combined with inactive lifestyle or obesity will inevitably shorten the dog's lifespan. When looking at dog food, pet owners should ensure that the main ingredients, or the first ingredients listed on the bag, are meat of some kind. If the diet is mostly grains or corn, it will lead to weight gain in dogs.

German Shepherds can easily live a long-life of 15 years with proper exercise, nutrition and consistent checkups at the vet. Pet owners have the responsibility to ensure the health of their pet dog and can have a positive impact on theirlife expectancy.

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