Dogs Aren't that much Different, Are they?

Rocky is our large, two-year old Mastiff cross who has been the only dog in our home. Recently, my daughter brought home the, what I consider, cutest little pork chop to watch for a friend. I'm going to admit, it was with trepidation on my part as you can see the size difference of our dog and the little visitor! Well, it was quickly established who the boss was, and it wasn't our big dog. If I wasn't laughing so hard, I'd be alarmed! What is wrong with our big boy? He should easily have been ruling the roost from day one! They are actively on their way to becoming fast friends now after checking each other out thoroughly.

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What I attribute it to is the grandeur and good nature of the Mastiff and that inherent gentleness that the giant beast of a dog exhibits. There was no quibbling. The small dog was afraid when our Rocky pounced up to him ready to play and gave a few growls and it was over and the big dog relented straight away. No fighting, no squabbling, no bickering even over the food bowls. Now if our large dog continued despite the little dog's warning of, "Hey, you're scaring me! Stop! Back off!" there might have been some pretty serious repercussions, but he listened and he heard and he respected the voice of the smaller dog.

How often do we listen and how often do we hear the voice of others, instead of preparing what we're going to say next in our minds? Perhaps we should take a hint from the dogs, so to speak, and quiet our internal selves and just listen to what others are saying and expressing. What would the world look like if we actively listened and what needless fights might we avoid by respecting others around us? I speak for myself as well as I stand amazed at the simplicity of it all that somehow escapes us humans.

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