Olive Picking Season

The olive picking season has started here. I am very glad because I use olive stones to heat my house and for hot water.

Last year there was an olive drought and I couldn't get any stones to burn, so I ended up using the air conditioning and the electric water tank, both are expensive and not that good!

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This year there are loads of olives so now my house is warm and cozy again!

Most of the villagers pick olives. They leave at around 9am and come back at 5pm. In the mornings it's freezing and I am so glad that I have a job and don't have to do it. I did try it once, I went with my husbands family and this is what they did:

First of all, huge sheets we're spread around the tree. Then my brother and father-in-law put a long vibrating stick into the branches of the tree and the vibration knocked the olives to the ground. After that, me, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law had to pick the olives up off the sheet and put them into sacks. In the old days, the sacks we're transported by donkeys to the olive factory, but today everybody has a 4 x 4 to do the job. At the olive factory the olives are cleaned, stoned and pressed to make delicious olive oil.

Its hard work and once you've finished one tree, there a hundreds more still to do! I did it for two days, while I wasnt teaching and it was the hardest job I have ever done!

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