Finding Your Niche

One thing I truly love seeing on the Internet is moms finding their niche and going after their dream of working from home. It is truly inspiring to watch their on line businesses grow and prosper!

I can't sleep right now, so I just wanted to share with you a few great links to some mommy owned businesses and websites that I think ya'll would enjoy and may even find something you like and buy it!:

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1. Card My Christmas - This website is co-owned and operated by none other Mommy Zabs! These cards are in one word.awesome! You can definitely tell these cards are made by highly skilled and very talented designers, plus the prices are SO fair! I highly recommend Card My Christmas for ALL your Christmas card shopping this year and every year to come!

2. Seasonal Smiles - I don't know if you have ever used the service where someone will send your little kiddos a letter from Santa, but my Dad gets these letters for my little ones every year and my kids love it when they receive this special little surprise in the mail! Well Seasonal Smiles is now open for business, and let me tell you Trisha's Letter From Santa package is such a great deal! These letters come all decked out with a personalized letter with decorative envelope, stickers, crayons, coloring sheet, and you get all this for only $5.00 and that includes postage and tax! Now I know this is a great deal because the letters my Dad gets for my kids don't include all the bells and whistles that I just mentioned, SO I highly recommend Seasonal Smiles for all your holiday letter surprise needs!

3. Personalways - Do you notice a theme's October.Christmas is RIGHT around the corner, and I just couldn't help but include my very good friend Christina in this lovely list of wonderful on line business woman. I mean while your shopping for your Christmas Cards, and Santa Letters, you might as well swing on over to Presonalways to get yourself a high quality special one of kind photo present for that special loved one! I know Christina and she is great, so stop on bye today, she has A LOT of items to choose from so you are sure to find something cool for mom, dad, grandma, and/or grandpa!

Now before you I am not getting paid to endorse these lovely websites. I just feel that these wonderful ladies are doing such an awesome job that I had to share their on line businesses with you. I am proud of them, as I am with ALL moms who go out there and find their niche, and then move past the doubt, the fear, and the what if's in order to start their own on line business. It's not an easy thing to do, and I am inspired by them all!

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