4 Reasons Why Your Puppy's Crate is a Sanctuary, Not a Prison Cell

Crates have a bad rap. Lots of people seem to think crates are like prison, thinking that they are a place that puppies go when they are bad. If used correctly, crates can be a very positive experience. I like my crate enough that I go in it all by myself sometimes. So how can it be used correctly?

For Security

Your puppy will feel secure in his/her crate. I don't like when my mom and dad leave me, but I feel safer when they put me in my crate than when they step outside for a few minutes and leave me out. I know that when I get put in the crate that they will come back and let me out soon.

For Training

Your puppy will (more than likely) not have accidents in the crate if used properly. If you put your three pound puppy in a crate that could hold two adult Great Danes, your puppy will probably eliminate him/herself in one corner and sleep and play in another. But if you choose a crate that is adjustable in size, you can make it big enough for him/her to stand up, turn around, and lie down in. If the only option is to lay in the accident, chances are he/she will just learn to hold it. I know I did thats just sickening.

Speaking of holding it, your puppy should not be left for hours and hours and hours. The rule of thumb is however many months the puppy is (say three months old), take that number plus one (3 + 1 = 4), and don't leave your puppy longer than that many hours (in our example, you shouldn't leave your puppy for more than four hours). This is just a general guide and may be different for individual puppies. An adult may be able to stay in a crate for 8-9 hours, but that's not idea and can be unhealthy for them.

You are able to control what your dog has access to in his/her crate.

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For Sanity

Using the crate can also help prevent chewing and destructive/annoying behaviors. If your puppy is chewing on things he/she shouldn't be or is biting or jumping on you or others, you can put him/her in the crate (not as punishment) but as a way to show what is acceptable to chew on. Put the puppy in the crate with a chew toy. Then after a few minutes, let him/her out with the toy and continue to encourage the right behavior.

Like I said, don't ever make the crate a punishment. You can put us in when we are getting into trouble in order to keep us out of trouble, but try to make it a positive experience, not a negative one.

The crate is a great babysitter. When you're not home or cannot watch your puppy, you know he/she won't be getting into trouble, eating things that could be dangerous, climbing on countertops, etc. Because trust me, a puppy has a built-in notification system. As soon as you leave the room or are preoccupied with something else, a little buzzer goes off. So in order to avoid those problems, just use the crate.

For Safety

When you take your pup for a car ride, of course it's fun to ride with your head out the window, but it's one of the least safest things you can allow your dog to do. Any sharp turn, large bump in the road, a squirrel that runs by, or an accident can cause your dog to jump out or fall out of the vehicle. You should keep a crate in your car for your dog to safely travel in.

Keeping your dog in a crate during car rides could save his/her life in an accident.

I hope I was able to ease your mind about the misconceptions of crates. Not only will they make your life easier, they will also help keep your puppy safe and comforted.

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